London Birth Photographer | Dear Mama..

Dear mama,

Soon everything is going to change. You must have felt it shifting already.

You are on the precipice of motherhood. You have expanded so much already, your organs have litterally rearranged themselves to allow space for this new tiny being, your breasts feel swollen & tender, you've overcome tiredness & nausea, already your heart feels fuller, your capacity to love feels greater.

Would you believe me if i told you that your heart is about to crack open in a way that you cant even begin to imagine. That you will find it within yourself to give even when you have nothing left to give. That somedays when your in the thick of it the beauty of mothering will be hard to find. That some nights you will lay awake feeling paralysed with fear & overwhelm at the immense responsibility. That suddenly the world will look completely different. That you will feel completely different. That you will feel so many conflicting emotions at once, wonder, boredom, amazement, disapointment, adoration, resentment, heart bursting love... to name a few.

You might well turn to me with confusion in your eyes & ask me why i didnt tell you? ahhh sweet mama i tried i did, i honestly did.... but your soul did not recognise my words & your eyes were not able to see the many layers in my painting..................but you will come to see & you will look at me with that very same knowing, the knowing of the mothers who walked the path before you.

dear mama