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At first, there was just a dream, a deep longing. A dream to celebrate the beauty and power of birth through the artistry of photography. I carried this little dream flower close to my heart until it was time for it to bloom.

I witnessed my first birth at the age of 5.5yrs, the home birth of my youngest sister. I remember it vividly. It was an exciting and magical time and gifted me with deep knowing & trust in the process of birth and the power of women.

Every Birth and every Birth space is sacred. Birth never stops being magical to me. I have chosen “the path with heart”

Im drawn to this work because i have an inherent belief & trust in birth & our ability as women to birth our babies. I am on a mission to spread awareness, to share knowledge, to help normalise birth and celebrate postpartum and motherhood.

I feel strongly about the importance of representation in all areas, for all types of people, for all kinds of experiences and endeavour for my work to contribute to a more diverse narrative surrounding birth, families and motherhood.

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Cultivating creativity in the midst of motherhood is always a challenge. Finding the balance is often an elusive struggle.

I am am a Mother first before anything else. I nurture my daughters creativity & i have also learnt to make space to nurture my own. I have stumbled, i have fallen, i have sat in the dark & i have learnt that i am more able to mother with the patience and presence that i strive to when i have a creative outlet. I hope my daughter will learn what it looks like for a woman to be in love with herself, to find acceptance in herself, to make space within herself for all her many complex layers and know that mothers have lives beyond mothering.

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